Bharath Krishna, Photographer

“Photography as a Passion is different from photography as a Business. To be successful these two have to go hand in hand”

Ujjwal Saxena, Photographer

“Photography is about capturing a person’s unique perception which can be clicked even with a normal digital camera”

Zev Hoover, Photographer

“To make an interesting photograph you have to focus on not capturing things that don’t help the image”

Anshuman Sen, Photographer

“Challenges make it worthwhile”

Nithin Narayan, Photographer

“Simplicity is my style”

Shweta Walavalkar, Fashion Photographer

“When you get good results, all the stress you go through is worth to live for”

Praerna Kartha, Food Stylist

“Food styling can sound more glamorous than it actually is – it is much more than buying pretty plates and napkins”

Arjun Kartha, Wedding Photographer

“The day you think that you’ve learnt all that there is to learn, that’s the day you stop succeeding”

Nikunj Rathod, Photographer/Filmmaker

“Take a challenge of producing good results with whatever gear you buy & concentrate in making good art”

Richa Nag, Wedding Photographer

“Pictures are supposed to make you feel something”

Pushpendra Gautam, Freelance Photographer

“Follow 3 things in life : Persistence, Consistence, Perseverance”

Kirti Nair, Photographer

“A perfect picture is combination of timing, luck and your editing skills”

Julian Bound, Photographer

“Beauty and the simplicity of life are abundant in Asia”

Anand Varma, Photographer

“You have to find a way to distinguish yourself”

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