Tanvi Chunekar, Visual Artist

“Keep doing more and more of what you like and you’ll get good at it”

Abhigna Bararia, Visual Artist

“The biggest challenge is breaking through the limitations of skill to create something that induces the picture in one’s mind”

Kavita Singh Kale, Illustrator

“Artistic explorations of various kinds are the building blocks of who I am but common people of all kinds inspire my work”

Himit Parekh, Wall Artist

“Hold on to your passion for art and it will make you happy”

Soundarraj Rajamanickam, Artist/Animator

“Discover the world to explore your mind”

Ayangbe Mannen, Artist

“You’re your own limitation”

Manvee Singh, Artist

Manvee Singh is a Delhi based self taught artist, specialising in portraits, paintings, illustrations and wall art. She has worked for various companies and individuals around the world such as Cafe Delhi Heights, U2opia Mobile, Guavus, Hotel Lemon Tree, International… Continue Reading →

Nitant Hirlekar, Pixel Artist

“To make a difference, train your mind to listen to your heart”

Vinodh Kumar, Paper Cutting Artist

Vinodh Kumar is a Paper Cutting Artist based in Chennai and follows the Jianzhi, a traditional style of paper-cutting in China which was listed in UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Lists, 2009.

Mukesh Singh, Comic Book Artist

“The journey goes on. I am still walking, still discovering, still dreaming.”