Nausheen Javed, Animator

“Once you begin animating, one becomes a clown, a monkey and a donkey everyday”

Jemma Jose, Animator

“Wherever you are and whatever you may be doing, keep telling stories”

Rakesh Nanda, Animator

“I enjoy the initial ideation part the most, when you create a story out of nothing and try to touch people with that simple story”

Vidushi Yadav, Animator

“I create and I put my work out there to live its own life or die its own death”

Shweta Bendre, Animator

“People expect you to deliver fast and good quality work. Hence, you must bring yourself up to that level”

Vishnu Chandran, Animator

“No matter what skill you have or at what level you are, you should always finish your projects”

Marsha Onderstijn, Animator

“Creating characters and bringing them to life has always been the most interesting aspect for me”

Varun Nair, Animator

“Train yourself to become a better artist and reach to a level where it does not matter what tools you have at hand”

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