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Pushpendra Gautam, Freelance Photographer

“Follow 3 things in life : Persistence, Consistence, Perseverance”

Kayzad Shroff, Founder/Architect at ShroffLeon Architects

“As a designer, it is imbibed in your psyche to be socially and environmentally responsible”

Varun Nair, Animator

“Train yourself to become a better artist and reach to a level where it does not matter what tools you have at hand”

Teresa Sdralevich, Graphic Designer

“Develop you own obsessions and the skills to put them into practice”

Debashri Samanta, Fashion Designer

“Don’t get too swayed by the limelight of fashion weeks”

Vikrant Shitole, Artist

“I believe in simplicity and minimalism”

Rakeshh Jeswaani, Founder Architect at RJIA

“Never ever think you know enough – everyday is a learning experience.”

Mira Malhotra, Graphic Designer, Studio Kohl

“Design/Art is vague and cannot be learnt from a textbook”

Kalyani Nerurkar, Illustrator

‘To do what you love’ is easier said than done’

Rajini Itham, Senior Architect, VBT Consortium

“Young architects must equip themselves with Entrepreneurship development skills”

Kirti Nair, Photographer

“A perfect picture is combination of timing, luck and your editing skills”

Kanchi Mehta, Illustrator

 “I seek inspiration from the simplest and mundane objects around me”

Aamir Khan Pathan, Illustrator

“Never be scared to venture into the unknown”

Janine Shroff, Illustrator

“Take on board constructive criticism”

Julian Bound, Photographer

“Beauty and the simplicity of life are abundant in Asia”

Anand Varma, Photographer

“You have to find a way to distinguish yourself”

Payal Kapoor, Interior Designer, Vision Interiors

“Stay focused and do not resort to shortcuts”

Elsa Chang, Character Designer, Dreamworks Animation

“Keep drawing and try learning everyday”

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