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Is Freelancing / Consulting a viable option for an Industrial Designer?

Viraj is an Industrial Designer and has worked as an Industrial Design consultant from October 2014 – July 2016 with a number of companies in Mumbai, Pune and Nasik. He graduated from MIT-ID in April 2015, and has won a… Continue Reading →

Ayangbe Mannen, Artist

“You’re your own limitation”

Pushpi Bagchi, Visual Communication Designer

“Try to work on things you truly care about, professionally or otherwise.”

Nausheen Javed, Animator

“Once you begin animating, one becomes a clown, a monkey and a donkey everyday”

Yogesh Bhusare, Illustrator

“You go one step closer to a dream every time you work on it”

Manvee Singh, Artist

Manvee Singh is a Delhi based self taught artist, specialising in portraits, paintings, illustrations and wall art. She has worked for various companies and individuals around the world such as Cafe Delhi Heights, U2opia Mobile, Guavus, Hotel Lemon Tree, International… Continue Reading →

Raghavendra Kamath, Illustrator

“The real test is to work outside your comfort zone and it is always good to push your skills to the edge”

Nitant Hirlekar, Pixel Artist

“To make a difference, train your mind to listen to your heart”

Nikita Sawant, Visual Communication Designer

“Be a designer first for passion, then profession”

Jayesh Sivan, Illustrator

“It is important to understand the advantage of an illustrator being a multi-disciplinary collaborator rather than working alone”

Gargi Deoghare, Industrial Designer

“Serve your soul by serving the world”

Ashwin Chacko, Illustrator

“At the heart of great design is the ability to tell a story”

Prashanth M., Graphic Designer

“Be updated with the latest design formulas and trends, communicate fluidly and stock your designs and sketches.”

Malvika Tewari, Illustrator

“The only positive direction that the world is moving in is inclusivity”

Shweta Walavalkar, Fashion Photographer

“When you get good results, all the stress you go through is worth to live for”

Adrita Das, Illustrator

“As artists we sometimes forget that no one else gets the joke except us”

Praerna Kartha, Food Stylist

“Food styling can sound more glamorous than it actually is – it is much more than buying pretty plates and napkins”

Anjali Rawat, Architect

“Read, travel, observe and absorb”

Charbak Dipta, Graphic Designer

“Break the rules, work hard and set sail for the adventure to become an artist”

Karthik M, Illustrator

“Stay curious, keep asking questions”

Jemma Jose, Animator

“Wherever you are and whatever you may be doing, keep telling stories”

Saloni Sinha, Illustrator

“Ideate and implement”

Chetan Patil, Illustrator

“It is important to constantly update oneself on the latest trends in the world of art”

Manisha Swarnkar, Animator/Sand Artist

“I believe in the notion of ‘art with purpose’”

Vinodh Kumar, Paper Cutting Artist

Vinodh Kumar is a Paper Cutting Artist based in Chennai and follows the Jianzhi, a traditional style of paper-cutting in China which was listed in UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Lists, 2009.

Arjun Kartha, Wedding Photographer

“The day you think that you’ve learnt all that there is to learn, that’s the day you stop succeeding”

Pia Meenakshi, Illustrator / Tattoo Artist

“I’m highly inspired by nature and fascinated by the science of things”

Mukesh Singh, Comic Book Artist

“The journey goes on. I am still walking, still discovering, still dreaming.”

Unbind Architecture, Online Publication for Architecture Students

“Be a part of this dynamic field, involve yourself out of the classroom much more, and you can really architect your own future.”

Niteesh Yadav, Graphic Designer

“Take that extra mile, make it count”

Rakesh Nanda, Animator

“I enjoy the initial ideation part the most, when you create a story out of nothing and try to touch people with that simple story”

Rahul Bapat, Graphic Designer

“Keep it simple and user-friendly”

Viraj Joshi, Product Designer

“The only thing that can stop you is your own mind”

Nikunj Rathod, Photographer/Filmmaker

“Take a challenge of producing good results with whatever gear you buy & concentrate in making good art”

Chiara Aliotta, Art Director/Founder at Until Sunday

“Great ideas are not born in isolation, but they emerge out of discussion, comparison and evaluation in the real world”

Himanshi Parmar, Graphic Designer

“Taking yourself too seriously will come in the way of your creativity”

smstudio, Architectural Firm, Mumbai

“With every project, comes a varied level of difficulty and will need to be tackled differently but your enthusiasm should not be lowered”

Vidushi Yadav, Animator

“I create and I put my work out there to live its own life or die its own death”

Ameet Babbar, Partner/Landscape Architect at Babbar & Babbar Architects

“The most creative people, and the most successful Architects are those who have an interest not only in Design but also in fields OUTSIDE of the profession”

Mrinmayee Dhobale, Founder/Textile Designer at TUNI Interiors

“TUNI – Making art & weaves meet, in your home”

Richa Nag, Wedding Photographer

“Pictures are supposed to make you feel something”

Shweta Bendre, Animator

“People expect you to deliver fast and good quality work. Hence, you must bring yourself up to that level”

Vishnu Chandran, Animator

“No matter what skill you have or at what level you are, you should always finish your projects”

Namrata Sachdev, Visual Merchandiser

Namrata Sachdev is a Visual Merchandiser, Concept Designer and a Lifelong Learner with over 14 years of experience with leading Indian fashion and lifestyle retailers and premium international brands like Globus, Arvind and Shoppers Stop

Debbie Millman, CMO, Sterling Brands – Part II

Debbie Millman’s first book, “How To Think Like A Great Graphic Designer” features interviews with 21 of the world’s best designers and provides a real primer on how and why great graphic designers do what they do.

Debbie Millman, CMO, Sterling Brands – Part I

Named “one of the most influential designers working today” by Graphic Design USA, Debbie Millman is also an author, educator, brand strategist and host of the podcast Design Matters. As the founder and host of Design Matters, the first and… Continue Reading →

Manvee Singh, Artist

“Working on your dreams is a slow but satisfactory process but most of us give up too early”

Biswarup Deb Roy, Founder Architect at Purple Architecture

“Architecture is glamorous but the fight on the inside is tough”

Devajyoti Ray, Artist

“An artist is not paid for his labour, but for his ideas”

Pranita Kocharekar, Illustrator

“It is very important to be able to connect with an audience – irrespective of your skill”

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