Young Professionals

Sowmini Venkatraju, Artist

“Believe in yourself and keep practicing in the right way.”

Mamata Temkar, Illustrator

“Creativity should have no boxes, no boundaries.” Tell us about your journey from being a student who decided to take up art as a career and to work as an independent illustrator today. Like every other child, I was so… Continue Reading →

Dr. Shreya Gandhi, Artist

“Love what you draw and then see how colorful life becomes.”

Bharati, Visual Artist

“If you are passionate about something you’re creating and feeling anxious just remember, seeds take time to grow”

Riya Naskar, Illustrator

“Be curious, be versatile & open to changes. Critic your knowledge of art/design to improve yourself”

Ketki Jadhav, Graphic Designer

“I feel all of us are born with our own set of interests and skills and that is what each one of us should embrace. Because individuality matters a lot”

Saumya Shukla, Visual Artist

“Identify your strengths and make them stronger till you’re the strongest in town. Even after that, don’t stop”

Sandeep Bhandari, Concept Artist/Illustrator

“One often meets his destiny on the road he tries to avoid”

Radhika Joglekar, Illustrator/Visual Artist

“Everyone is too busy thinking outside the box, thus why not think inside the box creatively”

Sripriya Ganesh, Doodle Artist

Sripriya Ganesh is a Doodle Artist from Sophia Polytechnic, Mumbai. The project featured here, is a series of doodles she has created, centered around ironic situations that take place in our daily lives, that we tend to overlook, hence earning the… Continue Reading →

Vedang Agnihotri, Visual Communication Designer

“Actual learning happens through experiences”

Ankit Vichare, Illustrator

“Observation is the key to detail, observe each and everything that walks your way, every second of your life.”

Vijay Manure, Illustrator

Vijay Manure is an illustrator from Rachana Sansad College of Applied Art and Craft. Giving multiple attempts at CET, being depressed and trying again and again was never part of his plan. Almost at the verge of losing hope, he finally… Continue Reading →

Ashmita Kushwaha, Graphic Designer

Ashmita Kushwaha is a graduate from Sir J. J. Institute of Applied Art and dons the roles of a Graphic Designer, Visualizer and a Photographer. This blog is about her work she did for Hope Fertility Centre, where the target… Continue Reading →

Bharath Singh, Visual Artist

“Becoming a great designer requires high aptitude and an attention to detail that’s hard for others to match”

Tanvi Chunekar, Visual Artist

“Keep doing more and more of what you like and you’ll get good at it”

Rohit Bhasi, Illustrator

“Be inspired and keep your senses open to new experiences which makes for a more grounded and a fertile imagination”

Abhigna Bararia, Visual Artist

“The biggest challenge is breaking through the limitations of skill to create something that induces the picture in one’s mind”

Jayesh Joshi, Visual Artist

“See beyond the picture to really understand why the artwork is how it is”

Girjesh Jaiswar, Illustrator

“Being yourself is the last thing one can have because an original is worth more then a copy”

Ruchi Shah, Illustrator

“Create images that you love seeing over and over again”

Bharath Krishna, Photographer

“Photography as a Passion is different from photography as a Business. To be successful these two have to go hand in hand”

Jillian Thottan, Visual Artist/Illustrator/Doodle Artist

“Try to look at ordinary things from an extraordinary perspective”

Himit Parekh, Wall Artist

“Hold on to your passion for art and it will make you happy”

Ujjwal Saxena, Photographer

“Photography is about capturing a person’s unique perception which can be clicked even with a normal digital camera”

Sushma Keerthi, Illustrator

“Unleash the artist in you to make a difference in your life”

Yeshaswini Halthore, Doodle Artist

“Practice definitely makes you better”

Urban Landscapes Water Colour Art Workshop by Vikrant Shitole

Vikrant  Shitole is an established artist best known for his fluid medium of water colours and genre of landscapes. He is a graduate in fine arts from Mumbai University and paints with various styles, mediums and techniques. He has been… Continue Reading →

Karthik Arvind Kumar, Doodle Artist

“It is not scary to make a living out of drawing”

Zev Hoover, Photographer

“To make an interesting photograph you have to focus on not capturing things that don’t help the image”

Anoop Bhat, Illustrator

“Keep at it, no matter what”

Anshuman Sen, Photographer

“Challenges make it worthwhile”

Soundarraj Rajamanickam, Artist/Animator

“Discover the world to explore your mind”

Bansri Thakkar, Graphic Designer

“I focus more on the celebration than the struggle”

Pearl D’Souza, Graphic Designer

“To stand out you must be yourself in the truest form

Is Freelancing / Consulting a viable option for an Industrial Designer?

Viraj is an Industrial Designer and has worked as an Industrial Design consultant from October 2014 – July 2016 with a number of companies in Mumbai, Pune and Nasik. He graduated from MIT-ID in April 2015, and has won a… Continue Reading →

Ayangbe Mannen, Artist

“You’re your own limitation”

Pushpi Bagchi, Visual Communication Designer

“Try to work on things you truly care about, professionally or otherwise.”

Nausheen Javed, Animator

“Once you begin animating, one becomes a clown, a monkey and a donkey everyday”

Yogesh Bhusare, Illustrator

“You go one step closer to a dream every time you work on it”

Manvee Singh, Artist

Manvee Singh is a Delhi based self taught artist, specialising in portraits, paintings, illustrations and wall art. She has worked for various companies and individuals around the world such as Cafe Delhi Heights, U2opia Mobile, Guavus, Hotel Lemon Tree, International… Continue Reading →

Raghavendra Kamath, Illustrator

“The real test is to work outside your comfort zone and it is always good to push your skills to the edge”

Nitant Hirlekar, Pixel Artist

“To make a difference, train your mind to listen to your heart”

Nikita Sawant, Visual Communication Designer

“Be a designer first for passion, then profession”

Jayesh Sivan, Illustrator

“It is important to understand the advantage of an illustrator being a multi-disciplinary collaborator rather than working alone”

Gargi Deoghare, Industrial Designer

“Serve your soul by serving the world”

Ashwin Chacko, Illustrator

“At the heart of great design is the ability to tell a story”

Prashanth M., Graphic Designer

“Be updated with the latest design formulas and trends, communicate fluidly and stock your designs and sketches.”

Malvika Tewari, Illustrator

“The only positive direction that the world is moving in is inclusivity”

Shweta Walavalkar, Fashion Photographer

“When you get good results, all the stress you go through is worth to live for”

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