smstudio, Architectural Firm, Mumbai

“With every project, comes a varied level of difficulty and will need to be tackled differently but your enthusiasm should not be lowered”

Ameet Babbar, Partner/Landscape Architect at Babbar & Babbar Architects

“The most creative people, and the most successful Architects are those who have an interest not only in Design but also in fields OUTSIDE of the profession”

Biswarup Deb Roy, Founder Architect at Purple Architecture

“Architecture is glamorous but the fight on the inside is tough”

Kayzad Shroff, Founder/Architect at ShroffLeon Architects

“As a designer, it is imbibed in your psyche to be socially and environmentally responsible”

Rajini Itham, Senior Architect, VBT Consortium

“Young architects must equip themselves with Entrepreneurship development skills”

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