“I’ll always be a kid to learn new things, because I’m still learning and will not stop learning. Knowing everything and learning new things at every step, has a difference. Never forget this attitude.” -Vidhi Champaneri

Tell us about your journey from being a student to becoming a Graphic Designer.

Like every other child, I have been drawing / sketching / doodling, on my writing acrylic board, books, pouches, whatever medium I used to get. Then I even opted my 6th subject as art in my senior year. Then after 12 I still remember my mother asking me what you want to do further, that’s when I realised what I want to do for the rest of my life. Wanted to do something related to typography, I gave my entrance exam got selected in Bharati Vidyapeeth College of Fine Arts, took Applied Arts and the journey of becoming a graphic designer started.

2. What kind of formal training have you undertaken to become a Graphic Designer?

I am in my Final Year of Applied Arts, in Bharati Vidyapeeth College of Fine Arts (Applied Arts). When people ask me what am I studying, they really don’t understand the difference between painting and graphic designing. It’s tough to explain, but eventually everyone knew about it. After all these years I feel proud of myself no matter what I learned and still learning.

3. Tell us about some of the projects that you’ve worked on. How did you overcome the challenges in these projects?

First Project:



NAVARASA – THE HAMSA, is a project on nine emotions which I have merged with Hamsa hand, depicting every emotion and the meaning. With each rasa, the colour scheme, typeface and the illustration changes. Plus, I also related a product according to the rasa.

Well it was an interesting project, I enjoyed doing it, though it had challenges such as the size was A5, had so many questions in my head, is the font size correct? Is the book supposed to be spiral binded or stitched? Is it going to be done in this year? Why does my guide have to give me so many corrections? Is she not able to understand? And so on. I completed it, also got so many good reviews from my senior, that meant me to do things differently.


Cover page and the pattern.

Shringar Rasa

The product – Inscense sticks.

Second Project –

Category:  CAMPAIGN


Saathi is a social enterprise and manufacturing company that makes eco-friendly hygiene products. Founded by graduates from MIT (US), Harvard and Nirma, we are innovators in the use of alternative materials and zero-waste production.

SAATHI PADS, is a project I have done for them. It’s a college level project. I took up Saathi because people, especially the women didn’t know about it. I wanted to create an awareness about them. The target audience of my campaign were women of age 20 to 30. The colour palette is according to the 3 ideas.

The concept was based on their 3 Ideas:

1. Biodegradable

2. Compostable

3. Made with Banana Fibre.

Newspaper Ad Mockups
Pad Holder Pouch

4. What is the process flow that you follow for a project? What tools do you use in your daily work?

The process flow starts from the selection of a topic, once it done the research is done over it. The topic is chosen in such a way that the half of the clarity comes at that point of time. Then the research is done widely and deeply according to the clarity. The research includes the target audience, mind maps, persona studies, demographic/ psychographics, mission, objective, positioning, concept, mood boards, rough scribbles, digital scribbles, taglines, and much more. The process can be changed according to your way.

The tools I use are the software’s Illustrator, Photoshop, CorelDRAW and Huion pen tab.

5. What do you face as a fresher designer and how did you overcome them?

As an intern I worked, I had just faced the issue of working speedily. It took a while to adjust to that office atmosphere, but I learned a lot, did my tasks properly, even got scolding at times, but that’s how I learned and improved day by day. Not all days were good nor other days were bad. It was all a learning phase.

6. What is your message for aspiring designers?

I just want to say is that follow your passion, it gives you much happiness and enjoyment. Also don’t stick to one thing for example, I’m a graphic designer, also I’m a writer, A typographer and Visualizer. Keep exploring, you may not know what are you good at unless you try. Always be a kid to learn new things, because knowing everything and learning new things at every step, has a difference. Never forget this attitude.

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