“Creativity should have no boxes, no boundaries.”

Tell us about your journey from being a student who decided to take up art as a career and to work as an independent illustrator today.

Like every other child, I was so fascinated about art and drawing that I use to feel everything around me was a canvas, right from walls to wasted drinking cans, etc. I loved to observe things around and draw anything that came to my mind. As I grew up, I started realizing the love for Art is immense and it became my passion to draw whatever I used to observe around and this is how I got into the field. In my initial days, I worked for some corporate international brands and agencies, later on realizing that I want to do something more over and above this, which led me to become an Independent Illustrator and now starting with my own brand named ‘mt – blablabla’. For me, success is a beautiful ongoing process wherein you observe and learn to create something new that makes you happy every day.

What kind of formal training have you undertaken to become an Illustrator and what role has it played in your growth as an artist?

I started at Sir J.J. Institute of Applied Art, Mumbai which is one of the renowned institutes in India. I experimented a lot there, in terms of everything right from typography to 3D to Illustrations and much more. The best part here was nobody gave a boundary line to create anything and that helped me to explore freely my imaginations along with my observations.

Tell us about your personal style. Also, how is your workflow pattern or your approach towards a project?

Personally, I love doing doodles and character illustrations but at the same time I also love experimenting to create something new. The best part of working on any project is the process. When you work at your best and enjoy the process truly, the end result is bound to be good for sure. Learn to observe things and understand them, rest comes with the flow!

Your most memorable project that you have created? 

There are many projects that I have worked on and memorable is yet to come, but one such project that I recently worked and enjoyed was 36 daysoftype wherein you create A to Z alphabets in your own style and imagination. This project is close to me because I tried to set #AtoZAlarmZ that recollected many small little reminders & moments which matters in our day-to-day busy schedule. Photoshop is the only tool I have used for creating this project.

You can find the complete project on my Instagram feed:  https://www.instagram.com/mtblablabla

Hand-sketching or digital?

It totally depends on the project, what treatment will suit a particular project and how you have to execute it. Although, I like working in both hand doodles as well as digital but doodling is love!

Challenges do you feel a designer has to face on the job front? How to overcome them?

For me, when you love your job, you don’t have to take it as a challenge. Just work for it truly; always liberate yourself from the fear of failure. Learn something from every minutest task you perform. Voila! The productivity gets so satisfying that you don’t have to chase anytime for the end result.

Any message for aspiring designers?

Creativity should have no boxes, no boundaries. Have a habit of experimenting, observing and imagining stuffs that you experience and try to elaborate your creativity into it. Stay true to yourself but keep evolving every day.

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