“Love what you draw and then see how colorful life becomes.”

When did your love for drawing start?

Drawing is my passion and my love for it started since I was a child and kept growing since then. I took classes when I was a child and I took more quality time in drawing nice diagrams for my journals in school and college as that used to be my favorite part about studies. Then after college, I first drew Goddess Lakshmi and after that it’s going on and on.

How would you define your personal style?

Free hand drawing and painting is what I love the most. Also drawings which look very colorful are my favorites because I feel colors describe life with variations.

Your favorite artists & art form that inspires you.

Georgia O’Keeffe & Takashi Murakami inspire me with their color filled artworks and in addition my father &  grandmother inspired me as well.

What do you like to draw usually? What tools you use regularly for your paintings?

I love everything about nature so I love drawing anything that’s a part of it. For paintings, I prefer Faber Castell as a brand.

Challenges that you face while working on such artwork.

Challenges i feel make it more interesting to draw. But yes making thin borders with paint and some minute detailing were a challenge initially.

Any message for the aspiring artists?

Just one thing. Love what you draw and then see how colorful life becomes.

Instagram Handle: @drawingtrails