“If you are passionate about something you’re creating and feeling anxious just remember, seeds take time to grow”

Tell us a bit about the beginning of your career as an artist. How did you start? Have you always known this is what you wanted to do?

It all started when I was 6 and still studying in kindergarten when I used to draw and colour some cartoon characters. My parent’s reaction to my art was my motivation to start. As of now, I won’t declare myself as an artist as I am still an art student. It’s a long way to go.

Picture Courtesy : Bharati

What kind of formal training are you undergoing to become a visual artist and what role has it played in your growth?

My passion for art is in my genes and I related to it when I ended up drawing everything that my eyes captured on a human’s face. I opted to continue my studies in Diploma in Digital Arts after my high school. As I mentioned before I am still in the learning curve which needs more guidance to enhance my skills in arts. For me without proper knowledge in arts it will be very much difficult to pursue my passion even though from the beginning I am a self-taught ‘artist’.

Picture Courtesy : Bharati

What is your workflow pattern right from planning to execution for any assignment?

The first workflow pattern to sketch a portrait is rough sketch which I make with a very light pencil(H grade pencil). Then, I add some outlines and inner lines to the sketch. After that, I start colouring by giving some toning. Lastly, I add up the details and end up with the final touch up.

Picture Courtesy : Bharati

Your work involves being creative. Where does the inspiration come from?

I have always inspired by many talented artists. The most who have inspired me is Visothkakvei. I follow up his artworks on instagram which appeals to me a lot.

Picture Courtesy : Bharati

Typically, what does your day look like?

My daily routine is as normal as a student’s would be but art adds up spice to my life. My day is not complete if I don’t draw anything. You will always find me with my sketch book and a pen. Even though my day is occupied, I still find some time to draw. This makes my life happy and fulfilled.

Picture Courtesy : Bharati

Which has been your most memorable project and why? 

The most memorable project is the robotic tiger doodle which I drew 2 years back. It is very close to my heart because that was my first doodle which was recognised and featured by Faber Castell Malaysia page and I also have converted that doodle into t-shirt which has had huge response from many people.

Picture Courtesy : Bharati

What is the most challenging task you face when working on such projects?

The challenges that I faced was time constraint. This doodle took a lot of time to complete because as a student, I was always occupied with my assignments. I still managed my time to complete it. Besides, I was equipped with limited art tools and that’s the reason I used black pen and marker in this doodle.

Picture Courtesy : Bharati

Any final words of wisdom for the artists to bring their creative best in their work?

I would love to say that if you are passionate about something you’re creating and feeling anxious just remember, seeds take time to grow. The more you work hard and practice, the more you are near to your goals. Practice makes a man perfect. Just keeping doing and don’t give up.