“Stay true to yourself. Stay passionate”

Pic Courtesy : Sakshi Bhardwaj

Give us an insight into your journey from being a student of art to being an Art Director today.

I have always been attracted to art. I always wanted to do something in this field only. I studied at MAAC Indore. I loved that place and ever since then I am working. So, when I see myself here it gives me so much of happiness and motivation to do much more. Because it involves hard work, mental stress, hopes, dreams and the decision of not going back. You are lucky if your parents support you to take risk and yes, I am one of those lucky girls.
I think I was one of those kids that used to draw on every surface possible – wall, tables, and notebooks. There is so much more to learn and do and create.

How would you define your personal style of doodling? Where do you draw inspiration from?

My personal style of doodling is actually what I think. I always draw what is going in my head. So, it is quite interesting and because observing people is one of my favourite thing to do when I am free and I think there’s a story behind every face so somehow I manage to make it my own and draw.
I am constantly looking for new work and style of art but Kerby Rosanes is my constant inspiration and I think he is the best doodle and illustrator, I try to replicate him but he is master of perfection.
And actually everyone who is creative in any way inspires me.

Pic Courtesy : Sakshi Bhardwaj

Which has been your most memorable design project that you have worked on? Can you give us a brief description about it?

Well, It is a difficult question as every design has some special memory. But If I have to share one it would be the one I did for champak. And the second one is the one I designed for my dog. As it was the first doodle drawing under Etch_Itch which a client asked to courier them.

Pic Courtesy : Sakshi Bhardwaj

What are the challenges that you face while working on such projects?

The main challenge is to visualize, how is it going to look, or if the person on the other hand is expecting the same or not. It makes you feel nervous I guess. And because I am also working in an Ad agency it is quite difficult to make time and some things take time and some are easy. It is quite difficult to frame exactly what is in your mind.

What is your usual workflow pattern for any assignment?

There is no workflow as such. But while working I like being organized. It all depends on idea I have in mind. If it is clear I will make a rough sketch and if it is not clear I will try making different things so that it is a bit closer to what I am expecting.

Pic Courtesy : Sakshi Bhardwaj

What are the tools/software that you use regularly as a part of your work?

When it comes to doodling I mostly use old school tools. But I also think that it depends on the type of project you are working on. So on a constant basis I am working with my sharpies, pencils and pen. Sometimes I use wacom, lightbox, Photoshop, Illustrator as I said it all depends on type of work.

Pic Courtesy : Sakshi Bhardwaj

Which technical skills or otherwise does the industry look for the most in a fresher?

Apart from the technical skills and portfolio you have, Industry these days looks for the Ideas, Enthusiasm, and urge to do something new everyday. You should be passionate about what you do. And these days actually when you hire a fresher we look for more fresh ideas, fresh thinking and new way of working.

Any message for the aspiring designers?

I don’t think I’m in a position to give anyone any tips, as I am also trying to make my work better. But the only advice I’d give, which I often give to myself too, As cheesy as this may sound, but you must stay true to yourself. Stay passionate.