Ram Kurude, a fresher graduate of Sir. J. J. School of Art speaks about the project he did on Instagram.

About Project :

Client : Instagram
Category : Social Networking App Service

Instagram is an online photo-sharing, video-sharing social networking service. It enables users to share their photos, videos, publicly or privately on the app as well as through other social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler etc. Instagram has evolved tremendously over the small period of time because of great affection showed by public.

I thought that Instagram can be used in many different ways, one of which is marketing oneself. Imagine a person has great talent and doesn’t now have any platform to showcase. Sharing his extraordinary talent on Instagram publicly, can make public follow him and appreciate his talent. That person can get great opportunities because of such a powerful tool. I propose here to improve Instagram with new added features which provide various categorized platforms to showcase variety of talents just like marketing websites, sketching, cartoonists, origami, musicians, illustrations, emotions, gym, cooking etc. can be dedicated categories to advertise oneself in Instagram and people can easily follow their interest. By this feature, one does not need to depend on any organisation or person to chase his/her dreams, allowing him/her to have freedom of expression. The tagline “Let the world appreciate you” effectively conveys the purpose to advertise our passion, talent.

Calendar Cover / Pic Courtesy : Ram Kurude

Calendar Origami / Pic Courtesy : Ram Kurude

Calendar Cooking / Pic Courtesy : Ram Kurude

Adventure Poster A3 / Pic Courtesy : Ram Kurude

Bus-back emotions / Pic Courtesy : Ram Kurude

Coaster & Cup / Pic Courtesy : Ram Kurude

Magazine Fashion / Pic Courtesy : Ram Kurude

Magazine Photography / Pic Courtesy : Ram Kurude

Press Doodle / Pic Courtesy : Ram Kurude

Sketchbook / Pic Courtesy : Ram Kurude