Vijay Manure is an illustrator from Rachana Sansad College of Applied Art and Craft. Giving multiple attempts at CET, being depressed and trying again and again was never part of his plan. Almost at the verge of losing hope, he finally got admission into Rachana Sansad, an institution he always wanted to be a part of. All those years of hard work and patience paid off when he received the prestigious Young Cag Bronze along with three Silver Cags and Gold medal in college for his illustrations and other projects in the final year.

This taught him one important thing – No matter how hard the situation is, one must hang in there!

Why Illustration? Because there is no limitation to one’s imagination! It is a language in itself! Jason Seiler, Pascal Campion and Oliver Jeffers are some of the illustrators whose work he follows. They are his inspiration and have helped explore and discover the illustrator in him. He prefers working in water colors and also loves to paint in digital media like Adobe Photoshop. Working on college projects and in digital agencies in the past as a designer and freelance illustrator has also added to his success so far.

Vijay’s future plans include exploration of more styles of illustration as he doesn’t believe in sticking to one style for long. Also, he plans to publish his book and create more of humorous content with his illustration.

About Projects :

Last year, I participated in an online event called Inktober without any clear plan in mind, but later it turned out to be the best thing I have ever done in my life. Jake Parker, the artist who started Inktober 5-6 years back, this time, had given 30 words on 30 days to create an artwork, though there was no compulsion to follow the theme I took it up as a challenge. Taking animals and birds as the main concept, I tried doing humorous illustrations each day. I created 13 ink illustrations (posted on my Instagram and  Facebook page). Inktober turned out to be very helpful and a learning experience for me as an artist.

Gather / Pic Courtesy : Vijay Manure

Jump / Pic Courtesy : Vijay Manure

Love / Pic Courtesy : Vijay Manure

Race / Pic Courtesy : Vijay Manure

Sad / Pic Courtesy : Vijay Manure

Scared / Pic Courtesy : Vijay Manure

Dpakpak’s The Great US Election Coverage
Oliver Jeffers is one of my favorite author and illustrator. While surfing the internet I came across his book called “How to catch a star”, a children’s book. Being inspired from that book I decided to write and illustrate a children’s book as my final year project. Having limited experience in writing, it was not easy for me in the beginning but as I started writing from a 5 year old’s perspective, things started getting easier. My book called ‘Dpakpak’s The Great US Election Coverage’ is a satirical take on the wild battle between Democrats and Republicans in the 45th US presidential election. I rendered this project in Photo ink colours.

Chimp vs Duckllary / Pic Courtesy : Vijay Manure

Cover / Pic Courtesy : Vijay Manure

Vote Day / Pic Courtesy : Vijay Manure

War / Pic Courtesy : Vijay Manure

Movie Posters:
One of my college friends introduced me to the movies of Wes Anderson. I made a series of 3 of Wes Anderson’s movie posters as my project. I decided to keep it as a Fan-art poster than a typical movie poster which usually has suspense. The challenge I took here, was telling the whole movie story in one picture and also, not drifting away the art works style to the director’s visual representation style, which I have seen in most of the Fan-art posters. Overall it was a fun project to do, in water colour as a medium.

Pic Courtesy : Vijay Manure

Pic Courtesy : Vijay Manure

Pic Courtesy : Vijay Manure

Other Work:

I also used illustrations in my college general campaign. I personified rats as terrorists. As there was no artwork for reference, I juggled between three screens at a time for this project; one screen with the reference of the terrorist, second with the rat in a similar angle and finally the third, in which I was drawing. The first frame took almost a week to complete; the next 3 I completed in around 3-4 days.  Also, one of my personal projects helped me where I drew portraits of my friends as a practice. I used Adobe Photoshop for this project.

Afzal / Pic Courtesy : Vijay Manure

Gaddafi / Pic Courtesy : Vijay Manure

Veeru / Pic Courtesy : Vijay Manure

Osama / Pic Courtesy : Vijay Manure