Gauri, a typographer graduated from Rachana Sansad College of Applied Art and Craft in June, 2017 with Typography as her elective subject.

Art is something which makes her feel content, peaceful and happy. Here she talks about her final year project ‘Metamorphose’ which taught her many things. It made her realize who she is and who she can be. This project has won her awards and her first job.

She wishes to further instigate her interests in Typography and Writing. She wants to discover and explore the world with the creative eyes of her mind and learn as much as she can.

Pic Courtesy : Gauri Salunke

Pic Courtesy : Gauri Salunke

About the Project :

‘Metamorphose’ is a poetic composition inspired from a century old prose; the old prose being Franz Kafka’s Metamorphosis’.

This composition has a modern outlook with an autobiographic approach. Each frame is raw, spontaneous and intuitive. Every layout portrays intrapersonal mode of communication depending on the contents of each stanza. The accordion book being relevant to the content and characters in the poem, strictly typography with no lettering and no constraints on legibility are the classic features of this project.

‘Metamorphose is congenial for Kafka readers and intriguing for those who aren’t. The aim of this project was to relish the whole process of making and to live through it’s contents.