“Artistic explorations of various kinds are the building blocks of who I am but common people of all kinds inspire my work”

Tell us about your journey from being a student of Animation at NID to being a Transmedia Artist and the founder partner at Underground Worm?

Tulika Publishers published my visual script project as a picture book, which I wrote and illustrated at NID. This motivated me to explore more in this area while I was practicing animation film- making. Having a background – majoring in painting, I did not want to let it go either. After starting my own studio, I used all the areas of my understandings to do various projects like book illustrations,TV channel branding, designing exhibitions, creating sculptures, video art and TV commercials. My work is a continuous process. Many times I link the same concept and I spread it across different media and that makes me a Transmedia artist.

Pic Courtesy : Kavita Singh Kale

How would you describe your personal style? Also, how is your workflow pattern or your approach towards a project?

I think my personal style is very honest. I work with intuition and put it visually in a spontaneous way and the individuality comes across by itself. This gets more relevant if one sees the body of work I have done in the years. I sketch constantly and my colours are well controlled (because I do care about the usage of colours). Think this could also add to my identity. More over, other styles or techniques don’t carry me away and this maintains the integrity of individualism.
My work is branched in three parts, one is self-expression, the other is client-based projects and third is self expression projects translating to commissioned projects. But for all these, the idea comes first and then the medium I need to use, post this is the technique and the understanding of the usage of technology. Ideally this is the workflow pattern in most of the cases.

Pic Courtesy : Kavita Singh Kale

Which has been your most memorable piece of work that you have created? Can you give us a brief description about it?

It is hard to hand pick a single project but a painting titled “My facebook friends” got translated into a picture book for Tulika publishers, that inspired me to create a sculpture, a video art and this became a fully blown exhibition design project at the TriennaleDesign Museum in Milan, Italy. And recently I wrote and illustrated a graphic novel for early teens in collaboration with Santosh Kale, for UNESCO MGIEP – on UN’s 17 Sustainable Goals and you can find the online version here at this link here

But my daily sketches feels the most memorable and you can see it here at this link

Pic Courtesy : Kavita Singh Kale

Could you tell us more about your firm Underground Worm and what kind of projects is it involved in?

Underground Worm Art & Design is an interdisciplinary studio, that encapsulates clusters of interventions of Art, Design, Science and Technology. Their artistic explorations have turned into projects for Broadcast Design, Television Commercials, Music Videos, Books, Video Installations and Exhibition Designs that have been showcased in film festivals, museums, book festivals and art galleries. You can check this link for more

Pic Courtesy : Kavita Singh Kale

Among various artists, who have been your most important influences?

I have always admired artists like Miró, Bruegel, Goya but it’s hard to hand pick the important influences amongst artists as artistic explorations of various kinds are the building blocks of who I am but common people of all kinds inspire my work. Strangers, acquaintance, family and friends create my narratives. Traveling motivates me a lot and I need to be on the move at regular intervals to get creative refreshment.

Pic Courtesy : Kavita Singh Kale

Which skills, technical or otherwise should students need to be equipped with to face the industry?

Self-motivation and self-study. They should all have the habit of reading, writing and drawing.

Pic Courtesy : Kavita Singh Kale

What challenges do you feel an artist has to face as a freelancer?

Steep deadlines, last minute changes in the project and of-course tracking the payments.

Pic Courtesy : Kavita Singh Kale

Any words of wisdom for the aspiring artists?

World is a happening place currently because the technology is helping the reach for content creators. It all boils down to doing more things. With the advent of new media in our daily lives, if one is talented- it is visibly seen immediately. So we live in this positive world and I see a bright future for aspiring illustrators.