“Discover the world to explore your mind”


Could you tell us how and why did you decide to take up Graphic Design as a professional career?

As I graduated in Fine Arts and my core domain is art related, I decided to pursue my professional career in Graphic Design.


What does your day in office typically look like?

My day starts with checking the e-mails for the tasks to be carried out on that day. Since graphic design is my core area, I analyze and understand the graphical requirements of the client. Based on my understanding, I visualize and create graphic assets, logos, animations etc to fulfill the client requirement.

Apart from my regular work, I also provided suggestions related to the look and feel of the graphics as and when required.


Did you undertake any formal training to become a Graphic Designer/Animator? How much important do you feel it is to gain international experience in this field?

Since my graduation is related to fine arts itself, I haven’t undergone any formal training for Graphic Design/Animation.

In my humble opinion, it is very important to have international experience in this field as we are living in an online era. Now-a-days, everything is online. We can exhibit our skills online as there is a high chance of visibility to the international market. Apart from that, we can update our skills and gain experience on par with the international standards and can provide world class designs based on the current trending followed in this field.


What is the process that you follow while executing any project and the tools that you use?

I will first analyze and understand the graphical requirements of the client. Based on my understanding, I will visualize and create graphic assets, animations etc to fulfill the client requirement.

Adobe suite is used for creating graphic assets. For version control of the developed assets, we are using Tortoise SVN.


Tell us about your most memorable/challenging piece of work that you have created? Can you give us a brief description about it? 

Having with fresh ideas, every work I do is a challenging work for me. However, I would like to share my experience on creating our company logo.

Our company wanted to replace the existing logo that is dated back with a fresh one. I have been designated for that task. I created three prototypes and sent them to the upper management for their feedback. The management has approved one of my prototypes and they implemented the approved logo with immediate effect.

In the next town hall meeting, I have received a good appreciation from the management team for the effort in creating the new logo.

Navcon Logo

Navcon Logo

Which aspect of creating such beautiful designs do you enjoy the most?

I do enjoy my designs in each and every aspect as it comes from my heart. My heart likes it, my brain visualizes it and commands over to my hand. In turn, my hand designs such wonderful graphics.

Who or what keeps you motivated to generate new ideas?

I am a strong believer of “Discover the world to explore your mind”. Travelling makes me feel young as we meet different people who have different views/ideas which results in generating new and fresh ideas in mind.


What message would you like to give to the aspiring designers/animators?

Young and aspiring designers/animators should travel a lot to update themselves with the current trends being followed in this field. While meeting new faces, they will get new ideas and share their own experience as fresh minds have fresh ideas. They should always stay connected with their fellow designers. They should exchange their thoughts/ideologies while creating world class designs with international standards.