“You’re your own limitation”


Could you please tell us where and how did your journey as an artist start?

I’ve always loved to draw, its something I did from a very young age. So, there’s no particular place, date or incident from when this adventure began.

How would you define your personal art style? Which aspect of creating such brilliant pieces do you enjoy the most?

I don’t have one particular style, I love to experiment and I’m constantly trying new techniques and mediums whenever I get the chance.
This is also the aspect of art I love most, being able to constantly grow and see what your imagination can come up with. Almost all my pieces end up looking completely different than what I set out to create in my mind, sometimes this is frustrating and other times pleasantly surprising, either way I love that I can never truly control it.

Pic Courtesy : Ayangbe Mannen

Pic Courtesy : Ayangbe Mannen

Tell us about your most memorable piece of art that you have created? Can you give us a brief description about it and the tools that you used for the same? 

I guess the most memorable piece for me would be Infinite from 2014. This piece is memorable for me because I made it as a gift to my older sister on her wedding.

The piece is a rendition of Klimt’s Fulfillment and it is meant to symbolize love and communion between two souls. Each bird and flower in the piece is symbolic to a symbiotic relationship, which allows each one their own individuality in their togetherness.

Infinite / Pic Courtesy : Ayangbe Mannen

Infinite / Pic Courtesy : Ayangbe Mannen

What is your usual workflow pattern or your approach towards any project?

It differs with every project. Some take me months, others just a few days.

Ideally, if a client wants to commission a piece from me I’d like to be given a minimum of a month’s notice, just so I’ve had enough time to mull over what I create. I tend to be pretty particular with what I do.

What are the tools/software that you use regularly as a part of your work?

I’m not really a digital artist. I’m trying to learn a few software on my own, but in the mean time my mediums are all “old school” – pen, canvas, papers, acrylic and oil paints etc.

Midori / Pic Courtesy : Ayangbe Mannen

Midori / Pic Courtesy : Ayangbe Mannen

What kind of opportunities you feel are available for an artist in today’s world? And what are the challenges one faces?

There is plenty of opportunity for artists these days, it also depends on what medium of art you’ve chosen, whether its design, digital art, film, illustrating etc. There’s advertising and plenty of media houses, design firms constantly looking for fresh talent.

For more “traditional art” there’s a lot going on in the sphere of public art/ activist art which is really exciting.

In terms of challenges, I’d say – you’re your own limitation. Just like with anything else you choose to pursue in your life.

How do you plan to take your career forward from here?

Well currently, I’m working on a couple of personal projects, more for myself than anything else. I’m also working on learning digital skills, as I mentioned earlier, and I’m going to work on how best I could merge my own art with the digital sphere.

Any tips for the aspiring artists?

I don’t think I’m in a position to give anyone any tips, as I am also only a beginner in this journey. But the only advice I’d give, which I often give to myself too, is to stay honest to yourself and your self-expression.

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