‘To do what you love’ is easier said than done’


Your artwork is very impressive. You are into copywriting as well as illustration. Where did this all start?

Thank you! I work as an advertising professional but I’ve been doodling proactively for about 3 years now. I think it all began in college, when I started making mindless doodles on my notebook covers and textbooks. I recently introduced my very own project, Doodle Riot. A simple hobby has now transformed into a full-fledged ambition. I’m enormously passionate about it.


Pic Courtesy : Kalyani Nerurkar

Tell us something about Doodling. Is there any technique to it or is it just a freestyle expression of one’s thoughts?

Doodling is the happiest art form, according to me!! It’s a raw, pure reflection of an individual’s creative imagination. It doesn’t need any technique or prior training. Of course one needs to develop a unique, signature style so that your work stands out.

Have you undertaken any formal training for your artwork and from where?

Absolutely not! However my sister is an artist and I’ve learnt all the tips and tricks of intricate doodling from her.

Which has been your most memorable piece of art that you have created? Can you give us a brief description about it and the tools that you used for the same?

One of my very first professional doodles was for Madison BMB’s campaign for HyperCity. My Boss was generous enough to notice my artwork. He thought of a brilliant campaign idea and asked me to make a black and white doodle series. And Voila! The campaign went on to win an Abby Award at Goa fest, amongst other accolades. This, for me, was a major life-changing moment. An epiphany of sorts.


Pic Courtesy : Kalyani Nerurkar

What are the challenges that you face while working on such projects?

I think the biggest challenge is converting the image in my head into an artwork on paper. There are so many ideas that I need to compartmentalize them and produce an output that’s balanced yet fits my doodling style.

What is your usual workflow pattern?

I start off with arranging all my tools at one place. I then plug in my earphones, put on my favourite playlist and just begin doodling (Directly with the pen, in most cases). My workflow pattern is at times random, at times pre-planned, but mostly unconfined. It’s not limited by any restrictions.

What are the tools/software that you use regularly as a part of your work?

My sketchbook, Uni Ball Pens, Water-colour pencils for all the hand-drawn doodles.
Photoshop and Illustrator for the digital artworks.


Pic Courtesy : Kalyani Nerurkar

What are your future goals?

There are a series of projects that have already made a place in my to-do-list, starting with a website where my doodle prints and other merchandise can be sold across India. Reaching out to a wider customer base is definitely my top goal in the immediate future.

Any tips for the aspiring artists?

‘To do what you love’ is easier said than done. But my advice to myself and all other aspiring artists is the same; you need to find time to practice your skills with patience. Give it your all. Even it’s for ten minutes, every day. You’re your own competition. So keep learning, keep growing.

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