“A perfect picture is combination of timing, luck and your editing skills”

You are featured in the list of Young Photographers in India. Tell us about your journey from the day you started as a photographer.

I didn’t know you could take up photography as a profession as such. I knew there are photographers but didn’t know how to go about it myself. After I graduated from Fashion Designing, I looked for a job as almost anything to do with the field- graphic designing, fashion designing and photographer as well. I worked for a studio called Imprint Studio in Dubai for almost a year. And really, I learnt everything I know now on the job. It’s important to mention that I could learn on the job and had someone to show me the ropes. I moved out of Dubai to start a Fashion brand with my best friend- Doodle Inc. So now I do both simultaneously.


Pic Courtesy : Kirti Nair

Did you undergo training at a photography school or attend any workshops to become a professional photographer?

I learnt photography during my 3 year BA in Fashion Technology.

How do you plan and execute a photography assignment?

Planning a photography assignment is the second best part! (First being the editing!)
I eat, sleep & drink the concept till the actual project is completed! Because a photo session is so unpredictable, I like to be as planned as I can get. Research on location, ideas and of course a backup plan!


Pic Courtesy : Kirti Nair

What is your favorite part of a shoot and what are the challenges you face?

I love two things- Planning and the Post production or editing. Both these stages have their own fair share of challenges.

Typically, what does your camera kit contain?

I have a simple kit. My Nikon D800 and my 50mm lens goes with me everywhere. And then depending on the shoot, the lens varies.

What has been your most memorable project and why?

I get super involved in every shoot. I always say I give a part of me in every shot! And because of that every project has some memories.

Which photographer inspires you and what keeps you motivated to create such great imagery?

There are so many great photographers out there! I see an inspiring image almost every day online. Lara Jade, Kindra Nikole, Steve McCurry, Kamil & Simona, Caitlin Worthington, Katerina Plotnikova and Bhumika are just a few.

Tell us your idea of a perfect picture and have you clicked one?

A perfect picture is combination of timing, luck and your editing skills! When all three work together in harmony, you are close to creating that perfect shot.
And I am constantly in search of that. 


Pic Courtesy : Kirti Nair

What are your future plans as a professional photographer?

I am learning to handle both sides of my profession. And taking things one step a time, I would like to continue doing what I love- photography!

What tips would you want to give to the aspiring photographers?

It looks and sounds like a glamorous job! But there is a lot of grind behind all that. If you love it with all your heart, then it is all worth it!